Introduction To Roulette Rules

The objective of the roulette game is to guess the number where the ball will land inside the roulette wheel. At the table are the players and the dealer. The dealer is in charge of guiding the game and launching the ball in the roulette wheel. He announces when betting is open so players can place their bets on the table and declare when no more bets can be placed by rolling the ball into the roulette wheel. Different elements are involved in the game: ball, roulette, the mat where to place bets, the chips to place bets, and the panel where the last numbers that have come out are listed.

The second chapter of the Betsson Roulette Guide covers everything you need to know to learn the basics of this famous and seemingly complicated game. Once the mechanics and dynamics of the game are understood, roulette seems attractive and fascinating, and its fast pace attracts players, be it online roulette or land-based casinos.

Try this game as a beginner player. You will not be able to fail to appreciate the number of aspects that characterize roulette: from the board displayed on the table, the essential to mark the bets, the wheel, and all its peculiarities to all its numbers and colors. This chapter begins with presenting the fundamental elements of roulette to accompany the players and teach them everything they need to master the game, better understand how to win at roulette and challenge themselves without forgetting the fun!

Roulette Rules Basics

Everyone, more or less, will certainly have had an opportunity to see the roulette wheel in action – it is among the most popular video games to stand for casinos in movies and also television programs. Among the most famous scenes of the cult movie “Casablanca” (1942) takes place right before a roulette wheel, where the protagonist Rick Blaine (played by Humphrey Bogart) reveals his true character helping a pair on the go to win, to be able to pay for the journey to save himself in the USA.

To become familiar with the game, it is necessary to consider the basic elements that make up roulette: the wheel and the board on the table. The wheel is the mechanical support where the “destiny” of each game is fulfilled: depending on the position in which the ball will stop (in some variants, there are even two balls: we will talk about this and other games in the fourth chapter) the result of the player’s bet can be determined.

The wheel comprises two rings: one numbered and the other separator. The first one shows all the numbers, and the second one, intended to accommodate the white ball in one position, is designed to prevent the ball from going to another cell and causing a changing result.

The board is essential for betting: before each hand, the player tells the dealer how much he wants to bet and in which positions on the board, and the dealer is in charge of marking the bet made and placing the chips in the corresponding positions. The board is divided into several sectors to allow players to place specific bets (on the colors, on a certain number or set of numbers, or on the area of ​​the wheel where the ball will land).

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